How entrepreneurs build desirable brands
in 2 days.

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Super helpful and easy to do.

I loved it. I think it was so awesome and amazing.  And for a lay person like me, who doesn't have a lot of experience, pretty much none working with computers and the tech aspect, I found it super helpful and easy to do.

Jen Lee, Founder,
Thrive Health + Wellness


The branding workshop was an incredible help to our incubator members. They went above and beyond to answer questions from our start-up founders and offer advice on how to establish an effective action plan with branding. I’d definitely recommend them!

Kayla S., ICUBE at UTM

We started from zero. We were able to come up with a pretty great logo. I highly highly recommend being part of the process in creating your brand, and your logo and your story. 10 out of 10.

10 out of 10

Grey Winter, Entrepreneur

Get The Total Brand Sprint

Ready to design your Total Brand?

Create your desirable brand once. Enjoy it forever.

Stop sitting on the sidelines and watching your competition.

Day 0: Brand Foundations

Use the brand-building frameworks we've tested with hundreds of clients that make it easy to finally make your brand desirable

Learn how to attract the right customers, affect their perception, and persuade them to buy.

Day 1: Brand Building

Create or redefine the style of your logo, colors and fonts to create a brand identity that works for your brand — increases the desirability of your products & service and attracts your ideal customer.

Discover how entrepreneurs are making their products & services more desirable to their customers, effortlessly.

Creating desirable brands is now simple & easy for everyone! 

Day 2: Brand Harmony

About Your Instructor

Monica’s breadth of experience stretches from publishing to design to branding to business consulting, all over a successful 20+ year career. 

Monica is a partner and key brand strategist at Wysp Creative. She can make you look good AND tell you what to do next.

Monica has trained hundreds of entrepreneurs to design their Total Brands.

She's also worked with brands like Brita, Burt's Bees, Glad, Jean Paul Gaultier, Mejuri, Paco Rabanne, PayPal, Prada, Toyota, Valentino and more.

Our money-back guarantee makes this the smartest & safest choice you can make.

Frequently Asked

Will this work for me and my business?


We've taught people in every stage of their logo design & brand identity journey including:

  • People who did not have a logo. 
  • People who wanted a new logo.

We've also taught people in different niches:

  • SaaS
  • Agencies
  • Fitness
  • Food & Hospitality
  • CPG
  • Personal branding
  • Real estate
  • Coaching, and more.

Do I need to buy additional software or tools?


We will teach you how to use Canva and free AI Logo Generators.

We also provide you with a template to help you create your logo, training on how to select the right fonts, colors, photography, and graphics for your Total Brand.

Do I need to have previous 
experience with design? Do I need to be creative?


You do not need any previous experience before being able to create a professional logo using The Total Brand Sprint.

We've taught people at all levels of experience, including complete novices with no technical knowledge. 

And we've taught people who considered themselves to be completely lacking in creativity.

Can't I just hire someone on Fiverr or use an AI generator to create my logo?


You can hire a designer on Fiverr or even hire an Agency, but you can expect to spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on revisions until you get what you want, and weeks or even months in the process.

You can also expect that some designers will just give you a logo they've sold to other clients in the past. And you don't want to have someone else's logo on your products or website.

The biggest drawback of the AI-generated options is they are generic, do not know anything about your business, and the logo created for you is likely recycled. However, we will show you how you can follow our process to better use AI logo generators, to create your Total Brand.

Will this really take me 2 days to complete?


You can create your logo, brand identity and more in just 2 days because you will receive templates and guidance showing step-by-step how to get it done.

Plus, you will get access to the recordings and additional resources that make it as easy as watching Netflix for you to make any changes you decide on your logo. Finally, you will not be tied to any platform or system and can make as many changes & updates to your logo and brand identity.

What if I can't make it to the live classes? 

You will get the most value by showing up live because you can get specific feedback on your work and you can interact with other students.

However, you will get access to all of the recordings, frameworks, and training. 

Plus, depending on when you buy, you may be eligible for additional feedback after the two days of live training are over. 

Remember: Discounted pricing and some of the bonuses are only available during our beta launch.

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Attract more of the right customers

The market is flooded with tools promising a beautiful brand in just a few clicks.

Though they can give you a pretty logo, they can't give you a brand that people desire.

Because they ignore the fundamentals of your brand:

  • What you stand for
  • Who you serve
  • What you offer
  • And how you are different

When you ignore these brand fundamentals, your brand will attract the wrong customers, who do not appreciate what you offer.

The truth is you don't want your brand to speak to everyone.

You want your brand to appeal to the right people by saying the right things.

That is how you increase the desirability of your brand.

If you need help to get the attention of your ideal customers, stand out from your competition, and charge more... something has to change.

That 'something' is your brand.

Building a brand is effin hard!

The top brands aren't the ones that shout the loudest. They are the most consistent

Walk away with a process that makes it easy for your brand to create images, and write copy that makes your brand look & sound like a million bucks. Every time you hit publish.

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Create Your Total Brand


If you show up to the live session, follow along and don't create a logo and brand identity that you love and works for your brand we'll give you your money back or a spot in the next sprint so you can try again. 

Plus you get to keep everything you learned, all the bonuses and content.


Create Your Total Brand

Beautiful brands designed with 
The Total Brand Sprint roadmap.

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Create Your Total Brand

How it works

Limited spots available.

Standout from your competition

Look like a 7-figure brand

95% of Purchasing Decisions Are Subconscious1. If your brand does not trigger the emotion of "desire".
people will never buy from you.

1source: Harvard Business Review

Super helpful and easy to do.

I loved it. I think it was so awesome and amazing.  And for a lay person like me, who doesn't have a lot of experience, pretty much none working with computers and the tech aspect, I found it super helpful and easy to do.

Jen Lee, Founder,
Thrive Health + Wellness

I really enjoyed it!

I found it very, very useful and the foundation of knowing how to go through the creative process, you can easily apply to other applications. 
I really enjoyed it!

Ethan Fung, Chief Executive Officer, Expresume

The Total Brand Sprint is the only solution designed to make your services more desirable in under 30 days.

You will learn from experienced Designers how to use proven psychological triggers to influence your customer's perception of your products & services.

How to optimize or design your brand identity so it attracts the right customers and stands out in your niche.

Then you'll learn the simple proven techniques to consistently look like a 7-figure brand (even if you aren't there yet).

You don't just need a logo. You need 
Total Brand

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Is the Total Brand Sprint right for you?

If you want to charge more your products or services.

Your existing customers love you.

Getting attention on social media is a challenge.

Your images and content do not look consistent and professional.

You are always unsure what to post and how your content should sound.

You feel that your brand does not communicate it's true value.

You are the kind of person who likes to move quickly and get things done.

You want to build a desirable brand and don't want to do it alone.

If you can relate to any of these, The Total Brand Sprint is for you.

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Get direct feedback from experienced designers. 

Nothing will stand in they way from creating your Total Brand.

Graphic design experience, creative genius and deep pockets are not required here.

Live & interactive

Day 3-30: Brand Acceleration 

Get our go-to-market guide for businesses to launch quickly, even if you've stumbled before.

Learn what marketing methods are right for your brand, so you don't get stuck over thinking where & what to post ever again.

User our Customer Finder process to nail the best ways to engage with your ideal customers

Then use our 30 day design support to start marketing your brand the right way.

Design your Total Brand

  • Live video training covering 8 key steps of your Total Brand.

  • Designer feedback on all of your ideas and creations.

  • Quick-start templates so you can hit the ground running.

  • Cheat sheets so you never forget  how to get other designers.

  • Interactive & friendly exercises with other entrepreneurs.

  • Niche-friendly - Our training works for any niche including SaaS, food, fashion, info products, services and more

  • Lifetime access to recordings.

  • Know-your-customer frameworks.

  • 30-day support - Get unlimited support for 30 days via email after completing The Total Brand Sprint so you don't get stuck.

Total Value $897

Join The Total Brand Sprint $299

Total Brand

For entrepreneurs that want to design a beautiful & desirable brand start to finish. And want to start marketing their brand alongside other entrepreneurs.

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Join today and enjoy our beta pricing. Only available for the first 25 people.

Limited to 25 spots

  • Done-for-you Brand Identity Design
  • 1:1 Brand-Business fit development.
  • Unlimited logo and brand identity revisions.
  • Brand Strategy consultation to help you market your brand fast.

For entrepreneurs that want their Total Brand designed for them. We do all the work for you.


Order now $3500

November 11-12, 2023
10 am - 5 pm EST
25 spots available

Here's how you you'll create your Total Brand:

Make your brand desirable

People purchase based on what they perceive. Learn to influence what they see, think and feel using proven psychological triggers.

Pick fonts that fit

Learn what font styles and combinations are right for your brand.

Learn the art of color selection

Learn the psychology of colors and design a color palette that enhances how your customers perceive your brand.

Design a professional logo fast

Learn how to shortcut the logo design process by starting in the right place. No technical knowledge or creative genius is required. 

Create scroll-stopping images

Create a library of eye-catching images and graphics that make your content look like you have an agency managing your socials.

10x the productivity of your brand

Streamline the steps needed to keep your brand "on brand". Make consistency look easy as a team of one, ten or one hundred.

Say goodbye to brand embarrassment

You feel that your brand does not communicate it's true value.

Start promoting your desirable brand

Learn how to start getting attention, and how to scale your marketing efforts with the help of freelancers, without ever having the check if your content is aligned with your brand.

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See The Total Brand Sprint Roadmap

When you sign up today, you get instant Access to the Brand Foundations to start the brand-building process.

Day 1: Brand Building (live training)

Day 2: Brand Harmony (live training)

Day 3-30: Brand Acceleration (bonuses + unlimited support)